Oamaru Doctors Fees


At Oamaru Doctors you and our dependants do receive lower costs visits if you have a Community Services Card (CSC). An adult with a CSC won’t pay more than $ 19.50 for a standard visit with a doctor and young people aged 14 to 17 years who have a parent or caregiver with a CSC will be charged no more than $ 13.00 for a GP consult.

Medical services are now free for children aged 13 years and under, this includes ACC consults.

Our standard adult enrolled fee to see a doctor is $ 46.50 (ACC $ 39.00) .

The standard consultation time is 15 minutes, longer consults are charged a higher rate.

Young adults (18-24 years) do pay $ 39.00 (ACC $ 38.00) and teenagers (14-17 years) $ 34.00 (ACC $ 32.00).

The consultation fee for casual patients (who are not enrolled with us and therefore non-eligible for government subsidies but are eligible NZ residents) is $ 71.00.

For patients who are non-eligible overseas patients, the charge is $ 95.00 for a weekday consult.

Repeat prescriptions can be requested online. We do have a duty to review our patient’s medical conditions when repeating medical prescriptions. We might have to ask you to come in to see a doctor first. The cost for repeat prescriptions is $ 17.00. Please allow 24 hours for scripts to be ready. If they are urgently required (on the same day) or have to be sent to a pharmacy out of town, the fee will be $ 22.00.

Our fees may change from time to time. Please feel free to enquire at Reception if you wish to confirm a fee before you accept our services.



Payment Terms


Accounts are payable on the day of consultation. Payment is available at the practice by cash, cheque, Eftpos or Credit Card.

Direct credit payments into our bank account are of course welcome, too.  Our account number is 02-0940-0023851-02.

However, if you are having trouble paying your account, please speak with one of the Receptionists.

Overdue accounts will incur an administration fee.





Healthcare in New Zealand is not free to the patient but it is subsidised by the Ministry of Health and by ACC if you are enrolled with us. The remaining fee, the co-payment, is charged to the patient. Co-payments depend on the timing and type of service you receive and vary between medical centres.

By enrolling with us you will be able to keep the costs of your healthcare down. Enrolment enables you to receive a number of benefits and services. You might for example be eligible for CarePlus, a programme designed for people with high health needs.

Enrolment is subject to eligibility, so we will need to check whether you are eligible to enrol. You can call in to the practice or download an enrolment form.  Please also download our “how to enrol” information.

You can only be enrolled at one medical practice at a time, you should consider it your main place, or ‘home’ of healthcare.

Patient Information at a Glance

Our patient information leaflet provides all the relevant information you will need initially. Please feel free to come in and ask for a copy.